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Reliable Resources in Woodworking

Experience is the best teacher...

Reliable resources for tools, wood etc:

wood: Thompson Hardwood...For many years their wood has been the standard in my area,there is no higher quality anywhere! Home Depot has some of the best lumber available for building and construction. Industrial plywood seems to do a good job at plywood etc. Rockler provides a good assortment of woods with high quality and occasionally have great sales.

Resources for great tools:

This is a tough one, for woodworking I would go with Rockler, for construction tools and woodworking tools I would go with Thomas Tool, their knowledge about tools is very valuable as far as what works and lasts. Thomas Tool deals with contractors, so their tool choices are tested in the field. Thomas Tool also repairs tools, you get the inside story. Sears brand tools in my opinion are not for the professional, if you are a weekend woodworker they will do fine. I have always found that buying better tools pays you back in the long run. Tools are like friends you get to know them and you feel comfortable around them, so choose them to last!

List of saw blades;

The one blade that has done the best job for me is from Forrest manufacturing. Tenru is another top quality blade, Matsushita is the best cut off blade I have owned, it never seems to dull. Thin curf blades are now far superior to regular blades and I highly recommend them. Forrest has the best resharpening service as all you do is mail it to Forrest and the factory puts the original factory perfect edge on.