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Reliable Tool Choices

Tools that really work and make you look good are tools that will be discussed here.

The most important choice in woodworking is starting out with good quality wood. I suggest you find a wood supplier that can provide you with not only wood but services. Services such as gluing up wide boards, sanding services, straight line saw cut on your wood order, moldings available, and an account.

The second most important tool is your table saw, which is the heart of the shop. A high quality table saw will make you look good, and your accuracy will be where it should be. I recommend going to a 10 or 12 inch saw with 120 convertable to 220, or a 220 volt saw set up. Get a table made of cast iron and an extremely accurate saw fence. The stability of the cast iron is critical when you are working a large piece of lumber that may weigh as much as some cheap table tops. The fence is the guide that all your work will run against, it must be extremely accurate. The fence must also be easily adjusted, as it will with use need to be readjusted. A good vacuum set up will help keep the dust down and save you time and your lungs over time. Whether it be a large set up or a small vacuum connected to the outlet off the blade, it is necessary! Remember in many cutting operations your hands will be close to the blade, and your vision shouldn't be impaired by dust shooting back at you.

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Recommended Table Saws

Jet,sears,delta, general,(a little harder to find) among many other that fit the criteria for a quality saw. Jet and Rockler Woodworking have combined to provide many table saw add ons that are well thought out. Sears fences are not as good as the others, and should be replaced with an aftermarket product like biesmeyer. Delta provides an excellent fence system as well as general and jet.

Fine Woodworking magazine does reviews of saw etc. as well as other woodworking magazines. Remember that a strong motor, good table top, excellent fence system and accesories and service are all critical. If you can buy bigger than you think you need, that extra power will come into play someday.