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About Us

Swanson Woodworking has been in business for 31 years.  This is a small shop that produces only high quality, one of a kind fine wood pieces.  All of our work is hand made in Minnesota.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business is dedicated to the quality production of hand made fine furniture. Our finishing process is a 7 step process that produces a silky easily repaired surface that enhances the natural beauty of wood. This is a family owned business.

Our Company

I became interested in woodworking 31 years ago.  My wife bought me a small table saw and my interest grew from there.  I read everything I could find on woodworking (still do today) and as the equipment and my interest grew so did my shop.  I have perfected several finishes that I am know for as well as designs.  I am in an art gallery, but I continue to do a wide variety of work because I enjoy the challenge.

Dan and Grace

I spend most of my time in the shop, designing, talking to customers ect.. my wife does the business end, which I don't enjoy as much as building. Some times I get so involved in projects that I forget to do the business things, that's where she comes into the picture.

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